Message to Voters

Dear Voter:

Thank you for your confidence and trust in me. It is an honor to represent you on the Jefferson Parish Council, and I hope to earn your support for re-election.

Over the past few days, my opponent has chosen to ignore addressing issues that could improve our  quality of life and instead, has maliciously and falsely waged a deceptive campaign directed against me.  Her attempt to connect me to the financial challenges of East Jefferson General Hospital only highlight her lack of knowledge or interest in the facts. By legislative statute, the public hospital is an independent entity managed exclusively by a Board of Directors and hospital staff, not the Jefferson Parish Council.

Similarly, my opponent’s assertion about taxes and wasteful spending are also misdirected. At the parish level, I am proud to report that we have reduced taxes over the last term, while still delivering top quality services. As for our management of the budget, the parish continues to receive the highest grades in fiscal accountability by leading independent analysts, and our bond rating has been raised to an all- time high.

Now to the heart of the matter. My opponent wanted me to sacrifice the tranquility and integrity of a Metairie neighborhood to allow her to sell her own home as a commercial property, disrupting her residential neighborhood. When I expressed concern and suggested she petition her neighbors, I earned her personal ire, and her opposition to my candidacy. While her hostile actions were disappointing and distasteful, they only emphasize my resolve to protect our neighborhoods from unwanted intrusion at all costs.

I am pleased with the overwhelming support that I am receiving in this campaign. I am proud to have earned the endorsements of every single good government organization taking a position in this race– including the Alliance for Good Government, the Jefferson Chamber, and the Republican Party of Jefferson Parish. But most of all, I hope that I have earned your support to continue to serve.


Jennifer Van Vrancken

Posted by toddon September 21, 2019and categorized as News