You may be wondering why my opponent, Amey French, is spending tons of money on false attacks against me instead of telling voters about herself. Before you vote, I think you should know the truth… 

It’s called “commercial creep” – the encroachment of commercial businesses into residential areas. That’s what Amey French is trying to inflict on her own neighborhood in Metairie.

She wants to sell her $2 million house as a commercially zoned C -1 property, which would allow a variety of businesses* to move into a quiet, peaceful suburban neighborhood, and leave her neighbors to deal with the “commercial creep” she leaves behind. (Below, I’ve pasted an image from Amey French’s own flyer advertising the sale of her property for commercial uses.)

I expressed concern and suggested Amey petition her neighbors to see how they felt about having a commercial business on their completely residential block. Amey refused, and instead, got angry and decided to run for council against me.

If Amey is willing to inflict “commercial creep” on her own neighborhood, how can you trust she won’t bring it to yours?

This is NOT about our public interest. This is about Amey French’s blatant SELF -interest.

I’m proud of my record, and want to continue representing your best interests on the council. 

Early voting is open through Saturday, and Election day is Oct. 12. I humbly ask for you support and your vote.


Jennifer Van Vrancken

Photo is from the actual real estate flyer advertising the sale of Amey French’s home.

Posted by toddon October 1, 2019and categorized as News