Keep Jefferson Moving Forward
I believe candidates should tell you what they have to offer and why they’re running, instead of spewing negativity.  Here is some of what I’ve done and what I hope to do for the people of our district. Together, we can make Metairie an even better place to live!  I humbly ask for your support […]
You may be wondering why my opponent, Amey French, is spending tons of money on false attacks against me instead of telling voters about herself. Before you vote, I think you should know the truth…  It’s called “commercial creep” – the encroachment of commercial businesses into residential areas. That’s what Amey French is trying to inflict on her […]
Message to Voters
Dear Voter: Thank you for your confidence and trust in me. It is an honor to represent you on the Jefferson Parish Council, and I hope to earn your support for re-election. Over the past few days, my opponent has chosen to ignore addressing issues that could improve our  quality of life and instead, has […]